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Village Green’s mission is to know Christ and lead others to follow Him.
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1.  Teaching Scripture
2. Community
3. Worship
4. Creativity
5. Team Ministry
6. Family
7. Evangelism
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We see Village Green Baptist Church being a place where the mission of God is being carried out with energy and joy. We see people who are excited about the work that is done in, and through, Village Green. We see Village Green being a place where the joy of knowing Christ is infectiously irresistible.

We see Village Green mobilizing its participants to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with DuPage County and beyond. We see this mobilization occurring on multiple levels, both in equipping everyone to share Christ with others, but also in equipping leaders who will in turn equip others.

We see Village Green inspiring heartfelt praise of our Lord through creative worship experiences, and the inclusion of many leaders of different ages, and many different gifts. We see people discovering gifts and abilities, and helping them passionately connect to the service and worship of God.

We see Village Green as a place where the whole family can grow together in Christ. We see children and teens connecting to God’s Word through engaging instruction that speaks in a language unique to their age.

We see an engaging adult ministry, meeting adults from all backgrounds, and wherever they are in their journey with God. We see adults connecting with each other as they connect to Christ together. We see small groups that are full and vibrant, with people who are sharing life with each other as they grow together in their faith.