Revive is our primary ministry to students in high school and middle school. Revive meets every Wednesday at 6:30 in an entire floor of the church building dedicated to student ministry. Students learn truths revealed by God’s Word, while also building relationships with each other through fun and engaging activities.
This unique ministry provides an opportunity to learn important life skills that few teens are given. Students learn a number of creative arts involved in putting together a performance that is difficult to put into words. The students then take this performance on the road for 10 days, ministering to a variety of communities around the country.
Two different Sunday School classes are available to our teen and preteen students: One class is designed for middle school students while the other is made up entirely of high school students. Their highly qualified teachers lead them through in depth topics taken directly from scripture.
Students are invited to participate in a number of activities that are both enjoyable and inspirational. We encourage our students to reach out to the world around them through ministry opportunities appropriate for their age. We also plan fun activities that are designed to help the students build relationships.