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We take very seriously the call to reach others for the sake of Christ. We aim to show the same love that we were shown. We demonstrate compassion and instruction through methods that are understood by those that receive it.
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A team of volunteers works with people who have been displaced from their native lands. We offer instruction in English and valuable community skills. We also provide a number of donated goods to help refugees get some of the basic essentials needed for life.
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Throughout the school year, we reach out to children in the community, offering a place where they can learn the Word of God in a fun, loving environment where relationships are made and built up. Children sing songs, play games, and receive instruction from caring adults.
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Village Green Baptist supports a number of local agencies providing services to people in need throughout our local area. We support these organizations through prayer and finances.
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In addition to supporting local agencies, Village Green also supports a number of missionaries working to share the love of God throughout the world.