Tim and Jodi Blackburn, UMR/ NAB Conference
Email: tblackburn@nabconf.org

Tim was born in Wisconsin, but spent time in Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota growing up. His father was a pastor, and Tim had the privilege of growing up serving Christ in many different churches. It was in a church in North Dakota, that he was first introduced to two of his life long loves. The first was a young lady who lived just a couple of houses down and was the church organist. Her name was Jodilyn Luithle. Although they did not actually begin to date until college they spent many hours introducing Tim to a second life long love - music.

As his father served the small church in North Dakota, Tim was approached by the chairman of the deacons wondering if he was interested in leading singing. Tim knew he enjoyed music, but this was his first time to lead in a congregational setting. That opportunity to serve led Tim to a double major in sacred music and music education in college. And he has been using his music training for both ministry and personal enjoyment ever since.

From North Dakota to Oak Hills Bible Institute to Apple Valley Baptist Church and his first position in an NAB church, Tim has been serving along side of Jodi and using his God given interests and passions to serve others for more then 37 years. He partners with us in the UMR ready and committed to help each local church find their role in populating heaven with as many souls as possible.

Mailing Address

122 25th Ave., Kenosha, WI 53140