European Christian Mission

Why Europe?
Europe? Isn't it a Christian continent?
Do we really need missionaries in Europe in the 21st Century?
Well, Yes! Though Europeans have never been as free to hear and respond to the gospel as today, the reality is that Europe continues to represent one of the major challenges for the church of Christ in our times.

Why Europe?
  • Because only one out of every 40 Europeans is an Evangelical Christian (2.4%). Source: Operation World
  • Because at the beginning of the third millenium, in more than 20 European nations there are less than 1% Evangelical Christians, among them Albania, Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, and Spain.
  • Because materialism, seculiarism and neo-paganism have taken the place of Christianity as a basis for moral values.
  • Because new generations of Europeans also need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ. 
Faced with the continuing challenge to evangelize the peoples of Europe, European Christian Mission International is dedicated to establishing churches among people who haven't yet heard the Good News. 
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