Center for Single Parent Family Ministries

In the fall of 1996, Gary Sprague had an unsettling dream. He saw hundreds of thousands of single-parent families standing on one side of the Grand Canyon. On the other side were hope and healing (which can only be found in Jesus Christ). The dilemma as he saw it: single-parent families were separated from this hope by a great and vast chasm.

It was at that moment, that Gary was led by God to build a bridge over the canyon. In February of 1997, Gary invited 17 leaders from all over the country to come together at Glen Eyrie Conference Center in Colorado Springs to pray, plan and ponder what God was doing and how He was moving in churches across the country to develop ministry with single-parent families.

The Center for Single-Parent Family Ministry was born, and construction on the bridge commenced. After several Forums like the first one, Gary formed a leadership team and the Center started hosting National Training Conferences in 1999. The Center was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2003, led by a Board of Directors and supported by an Advisory Council. Today, we humbly follow where God is leading in order to bring about hope and healing in the lives of single-parents and their children, the modern-day widows and orphans (James 1:27)!